Renting U-Haul

Top Five Alternatives to Renting a U-Haul for Your Out-of-State Move

If you think like the majority of other individuals and have ever had to move out of state, you’ve probably considered renting a U-Haul (or a similar vehicle) to transport your belongings. Hopefully, you haven’t yet gone through with such a plan (and even if you have, the following information will come in handy), as there are an abundance of more affordable, convenient, and straightforward options to choose from.

Options that will save you valuable time and money.

To help make the moving process as stress-free as possible, let’s take a look at five viable alternative measures to renting a U-Haul!

1. Hire a Professional Mover

Professional movers might sound expensive, but in reality, they typically charge less than the cost of U-Haul rentals for their services. The main reason for this affordability is simple: professional movers drive all across the country transporting items. They often consolidate shipments to make the trip more efficent. Thus, when they’re getting paid to bring an item to a specific spot and plan to pick another item (or group of items) up from this destination, their profits quickly add –up, thereby allowing them to charge each customer less.

Benefits of hiring professional movers include peace of mind, lower chances of items breaking during transport, and unparalleled convenience. You can find affordable moving companies by requesting and comparing rates. Try using Great Guys Long Distance Movers ( to solicit quotes from multiple companies at one time.

2. Buy a Trailer

Trailers make the moving process much easier, and furthermore, they prove to be both valuable and useful after said moving process has concluded. Accordingly, if you’re planning on moving out of state, it’s worth considering buying a trailer. Safely packaging and driving your possessions will be straightforward, with a trailer, and as was mentioned, you can use or sell the (surprisingly affordable) vehicle attachment after you’ve finished moving, thereby saving on U-Haul rental fees, and if the market is right, turning a profit!

3. Rent from a Different Truck Company

U-Haul might be the first truck company that most individuals think of when they’re planning their out-of-state move, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the best company to rent from. On the contrary, there are plenty of other truck rental companies out there, many of which charge lower prices for their services than U-Haul. As you do your research, check out Penske, Budget, and others to find the best rates.

A little extra research can save movers a lot of cash.

4. Sell Everything

You read that correctly—sell everything you own. Go on, do it!

Alright, you shouldn’t sell all your belongings if you don’t want to. However, before the ever-daunting out-of-state move, a lot of individuals realize that they do want to sell everything, after some reflection. The reasons they want to do so are simple: they won’t have to pay transportation fees, they won’t have to pack, they don’t have to scrounge for free moving boxes, they’ll have a lot of extra money, and they’ll be free of headaches stemming from the transportation process. At the very least, try to declutter your home before you start packing.

5. Rent a Moving Container

Moving containers are massive and affordable—perks which make them ideal for individuals who’re planning to tackle an out-of-state move. Research local moving container companies to learn more, potentially saving a lot of time and money for your brief investment of research.

Moving to a different state isn’t fun, but these tips are sure to make the process as painless as can be. Thanks for reading and good luck!

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