Cleaning Out Apartment

Guide for Cleaning Out Your Apartment When Moving to a New Home

It would seem that cleaning out your apartment when you’re moving to a new home would be a bit easier than if you were cleaning out a house. However, there are a few details that you want to pay attention to when you’re cleaning so that everything is in order for you to leave the unit as it was when you moved to the residence. Here are some tips from a Baltimore moving company to ensure you get your deposit back!

Follow the landlord’s moving out cleaning list

When you moved into the apartment, the landlord probably gave you a list of the things to clean if you planned to move out. You can use this list to go around your apartment to make sure everything is checked off.

If you abide by the regulations that are stated in your lease and you leave the apartment as it was when you moved in with little wear and tear, then you’ll usually get your security deposit back if you paid one.

Some of the things that are on a typical cleaning list include making sure the lights work and that the fixtures are clean and making sure the carpets are cleaned.

Make sure to repair what needs to be repaired

If there are any holes in the walls from hanging pictures, posters, or decorations, then you need to cover them so that they can’t be seen. You should also fix or replace blinds that are broken and paint that is chipped.

After you move everything from the rooms in your apartment, you need to do a thorough cleaning so that it’s like it was the first day you unpacked. It’s easier to start at the ceiling and work your way down to the floor.

Any dirt that falls from the ceiling and the upper areas of the walls will land on the floor and counters, making it easier to use a vacuum or a carpet shampooer to clean the floors and a cloth to clean the counters.

Try to clean one room at a time. Once each room is clean, close the door so that you don’t go back in there.

Declutter and toss out things you don’t need

When you’re packing your belongings, you should get rid of the things that are broken or that you don’t use so that you don’t take any unnecessary boxes with you to your new home. Don’t forget to clean out the refrigerator and freezer.

Make sure there is nothing left in the washing machine and dryer or the dishwasher. Wash the walls so that any streaks or smudges are removed. Consider getting the carpet professionally cleaned so that it’s in the best possible condition before you move out.

Clean the windows as well, especially if you were allowed to smoke in the apartment or if you have children or pets in the apartment. Counters should be wiped down and left clean along with the tub and shower and the toilet.

When you’re ready to leave the apartment, take the keys back to the office manager so that the apartment can be inspected.

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