Packing Kitchen Cabinets

Best Tips for Packing Up Everything in Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you are planning to move to a new home soon, you are undoubtedly aware that packing belongings up involves a bit of time to conduct. The items you keep in your kitchen cabinets will require extra care, so they get to their destination without damage. Here are some tips to use when packing these items, so they remain in the best of shape.

1. Obtain Rigid Containers For The Move

Instead of using cardboard boxes, which can crush quite easily, it is a good idea to invest in plastic containers or wooden crates. These are easy to pack with breakable items and ensure they will remain intact during a move. Containers are found in home goods stores, from a moving company, or directly from a packing service. These containers are easy to stack inside of a moving truck. If you use regular boxes, make sure they are constructed from thick cardboard and that they are new. Using used boxes is risky as they may have portions of corrugation that are weakened. These would rip easily.

2. Use The Right Protection To Stop Damage

Breakable items will fare well during a move if they are surrounded by cushioning. Dishes, stemware, and appliances require plenty of protection, so they do not break while in transit. This is obtained with the addition of bubble-wrap, packing peanuts, or air cushioning. Place plenty of cushioning in the bottom portion of a container before wrapping pieces individually and placing them on top of the protective layer. Place an additional layer of cushioning on top of breakables before sealing a container. Do not be sparing in the amount of cushioning used for breakable items. It is better to use too much cushioning than not enough.

3. Go Through Items Before A Move

Many people find they have several items in their possession that they do not use on a routine basis. If items are not going to be used at a new home, packing them up for a move is pointless. Selling or giving away items is a better option. This will free up room in a moving truck for necessary items instead. Conduct the sorting process before the packing procedure. Separate appliances from other items so they are packaged in their own containers. Pack similar items together. For example, pack dishes in one container and stemware in another. This way appropriate labeling of the containers will help moving workers determine the right way to handle the enclosed contents.

4. Label Breakables Appropriately

A movings service takes the time to look at each item being placed in a vehicle to ensure it is well-protected. It is important to label items appropriately so precautionary steps are taken. Use labels on breakables to alert workers that the handling of these packages is done appropriately. Make sure to use bold lettering in a block print, so the wording used is easy to read. Place labels on each side of a package. This way moving service workers will see the information provided.

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